I teach ethnomusicology in the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music. We have a great program, great students, and great professors. Learn more about our graduate and undergraduate programs here.  My graduate and undergraduate teaching is quite diverse, as are the wonderful graduate students I supervise.

Graduate Courses

  • Listening to Cities: Music, Sound and Noise in Urban Environments
  • Music and Sound in the Middle East
  • Performing Politics: Individuality and Collectivities in Music and Dance
  • Music and Circulation
  • Kensington Market Sound and Music Research

Undergraduate Faculty of Music Courses

  • Global Popular Music
  • Voice, Identity, Celebrity
  • Music, Identity, and Social Change
  • Music and Sound in the Middle East
  • Introduction to Ethnomusicology
  • Introduction to Music and Society

Undergraduate Faculty of Arts & Sciences Courses

  • Music, Sound and Power in the Middle East
  • Popular Music in North America

Graduate Supervision

Current Doctoral Dissertations

  1. Nil Basdurak, “Listening to the Contested Spaces of Neoliberal Islam: Sound, Identity and Power.”
  2. Hadi Milanloo, “The Music and Lives of Iranian Women Classical Instrumentalists.”
  3. Hamidreza Salehyar, “Mourning Rituals, Popular Music, and Shi’a Agency in the Islamic Republic of Iran.” 
  4. Nadia Younan, “Refugee Nation: Cultural Trauma, Collective Memory, and Expressions of Resilience in the Transnational Assyrian Community.”

Completed Doctoral Dissertations

  1. Dr. Alia Hamdon O’Brien (co-supervised with Joshua D. Pilzer), “Faithful Listening: On Sound, Survival, and Becoming in Muslim Toronto.” Defended December 2019.

MA Major Research Papers

  1. Dennis Lee, “‘Evil Rise’: The Integration of Death Metal into Mainstream Indonesian Society.”
  2. Tamara Rayan, “Home without the Homeland: The Musical Lives of the Palestinian Toronto Diaspora.”
  3. Kayla Chambers, “Sound Bodies, Colonial Bodies, Missing Bodies: Tanya Tagaq and the Affective Politics of Performance.”