I teach ethnomusicology in the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music. We have a great program, great students, and great professors. Learn more about our graduate and undergraduate programs here.  My graduate and undergraduate teaching is quite diverse, as are the wonderful graduate students I supervise.

Graduate Courses

  • Listening to Cities: Music, Sound and Noise in Urban Environments
  • Music and Sound in the Middle East
  • Performing Politics: Individuality and Collectivities in Music and Dance
  • Music and Circulation
  • Kensington Market Sound and Music Research

Undergraduate Faculty of Music Courses

  • Global Popular Music
  • Voice, Identity, Celebrity
  • Music, Identity, and Social Change
  • Music and Sound in the Middle East
  • Introduction to Ethnomusicology
  • Introduction to Music and Society

Undergraduate Faculty of Arts & Sciences Courses

  • Music, Sound and Power in the Middle East
  • Popular Music in North America

Graduate Supervision

Doctoral Dissertations

  1. Nil Basdurak, “Listening to the Contested Spaces of Neoliberal Islam: Sound, Identity and Power.”
  2. Hadi Milanloo, “The Music and Lives of Iranian Women Classical Instrumentalists.”
  3. Alia O’Brien (co-supervised with Joshua D. Pilzer), “Faithful Listening: On Sound, Survival, and Becoming in Muslim Toronto.”
  4. Hamidreza Salehyar, “Mourning Rituals, Popular Music, and Shi’a Agency in the Islamic Republic of Iran.” 
  5. Nadia Younan, “Refugee Nation: Cultural Trauma, Collective Memory, and Expressions of Resilience in the Transnational Assyrian Community.”

MA Major Research Papers

  1. Dennis Lee, “‘Evil Rise’: The Integration of Death Metal into Mainstream Indonesian Society.”
  2. Tamara Rayan, “Home without the Homeland: The Musical Lives of the Palestinian Toronto Diaspora.”
  3. Kayla Chambers, “Sound Bodies, Colonial Bodies, Missing Bodies: Tanya Tagaq and the Affective Politics of Performance.”