“Rebuilding the Homeland in Poetry and Song” Resources

Media & Teaching Resources for “Rebuilding the Homeland in Poetry and Song:

  1. Simin Behbahani’s original poem “Dobāreh misāzamet vatan [I will rebuild you, homeland]” [in Persian]
  2. Encyclopaedia Iranica’s entry on Simin Behbahani‘s life and works
  3. The sorud-e melli “Ey Iran [Oh Iran]” often called Iran’s unofficial national anthem. Note that this video shows the prerevolutionary flag, typically an indication of a person’s disapproval of the postrevolutionary Iranian government.
  4. Revolutionary sorud “Bahman-e khunin jāvidān [The Immortal Bloody Month of Bahman]” with footage of the Iranian Revolution. 
  5. Encyclopaedia Iranica’s entry on “Ey Iran.”
  6. Dariush’s 2005 music video “Dobāreh misāzamet vatan”
  7. One of many fan videos showing Dariush performing “Dobāreh misāzamet vatan” in concert and with audience participation.
  8. Iranian presidential candidate Mostafa Moin’s 2005 statement employing themes from the song and poem “Dobāreh misāzamet vatan.” [in Persian]
  9. WARNING:  Video includes violent imagery.  Dariush’s 2009 “Khun bāzi [Mainlining Blood/Playing with Blood]” music video incorporating images of the protests following the contested re-election of former Iranian president Mahmood Ahmadinejad.
  10. Iranian classical vocalist Shahram Nazeri’s performance of a different setting of “Dobāreh misāzamet vatan” at Behbahani’s funeral in Tehran in 2015
  11. WARNING: This video includes images of blood, dead bodies, and other potentially upsetting images. Please be mindful of this before clicking on the link.  One of many videos setting Dariush’s version of Behbahani’s poem to images from the 2009 protests