“‘One Can Veil and Be a Singer!'” Resources

  1. Manoto1’s Googoosh Music Academy, Season 1, Episode 1 (in Persian)
  2. Ermia performs Shahram Shabpareh’s song “Bāgh-e alef-bāh [Alphabet Garden]” on Googoosh Music Academy (in Persian)
  3. Manoto1’s Googoosh Music Academy, Season 3, Episode 7 (in Persian)
  4. Manoto1’s Samt-e Now (New Direction) television talk show, Season 1, Episode 1 in which Ermia is interviewed about her theological views (in Persian)
  5. A comedic sketch about Ermia’s participation in Googoosh Music Academy. Ermia is called “Gher-nayā,” a made-up name meaning “Don’t Shimmy” and a joke on her immodest behaviour on the program (in Persian). The sketch makes fun of Googoosh and her fellow judges while highlighting the supposed moral and religious inconsistencies between a female singer and religiosity.
  6. A satirical cartoon posted on an Iranian website depicts Ermia in the fictional “Ashraf Academy,” a reference to the Mojahedin-e Khalq’s base in Iraq, Camp Ashraf. A grotesque Googoosh addressees the fully-veiled Ermia saying, “Good job — you’ve kept your veil and reached your artistic goals.”
  7. An image posted on the Iranian website Ruydād depicts the “danger” of Ermia and Manoto1 television, shown here as a terrifying zombie demon.
    Ermia Skull Face