“Iran’s Daughter and Mother Iran” Resources

      1. Googoosh’s 2009 music video “Man hamoon Iranam [I am Iran (her)self],” with English subtitles.
      2. Googoosh lipsyncing “Hamsafar [Fellow Traveller]” on Iranian television in the 1970s. Note that this clip was posted by Los Angeles-based Iranian music company Taraneh Enterprises.
      3. Delicious Escape: Magazine Clips of Movie Stars in the 1970s” is an example of Bay Area-based Iranian diaspora website Iranian.com’s page circulation of  nostalgic prerevolutionary Iranian celebrity culture.
      4. Googoosh: Iran’s Daughter, NYC-based filmmaker Farhad Zamani’s (2000) experimental documentary.
      5. Googoosh performs “Khāk-e asir [Captive Land]” in Toronto in 2000, her first concert after her “comeback.”
      6. The video for “Hamsedā Medley,” which combines images of Googoosh after her reemergence in the 2000s singing with her prerevolutionary self.
      7.  Googoosh’s pro-gay rights 2014 “Behesht [Heaven]” video.
      8. Googoosh and Tehrangeles / prerevolutionary pop star Ebi’s 2014 duet “Nostalgia.”