“Iranian Popular Music in Los Angeles” Resources

1. “Be to che” (“What’s It to You / None of Your Business”), by Hassan Shamaeizadeh (Miss, Caltex Records, 2005) tells the “zāhed” (religious zealots) it’s “none of their business” if he wants to get drunk or go to hell.

2. Video for Andy’s “Āreh, āreh” (“Yeah, Yeah”) features the male star surrounded by scores of dancing, scantily dressed women (Orchard Music Group, 2007). 

Screenshot 2019-09-12 12.01.14Screenshot 2019-09-12 12.00.46

3. “Khorshid khānum” (“Lady Sun”) by the group Silhouettt (MZM Records, 1997), is a subtle statement protesting compulsory veiling.

Screenshot 2019-09-12 11.54.29.png

4. A different song about women’s veiling, also called “Khorshid khānum,” by Ebi.

5. “Ay mardom mordam” (“Oh people, I’m dying”), an early statement by Googoosh on women’s rights.

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